About Us

Welcome to the World of Valuepluz... a truly World Class Realty Company, based in Chennai, South India, having more than 10 years experience and expertise in the field of Real Estate. Founded in the Year 1999, Valuepluz has more than a thousand satisfied customers who have benefited from our services.

The Valuepluz Experience encompasses Trust, Reliability, Transparency and Excellence through our Team of Relationship Managers, Property Advisers and Counselors ultimately helping you to acquire the select property of your choice or get the buyer you so wanted. In a truly electronic world today, Valuepluz makes a different effort to give a human touch to your search. Let it be for a Seller or a Buyer... or a Service !

Our Property Database is extensive and selective. Extensive as we have a large database of Buyers and Sellers. And Selective as we generally take precautions to eliminate spam and spurious content. The Valuepluz Experience ideally strives to provide simplicity and clarity in transactions through customer friendly search and introduce processes.